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I want to be a firefly so that my bum can light up when I dance. Wouldn’t be awesome? Imagine if your soul lit up like that? That you could actually see someone’s soul in them, or surrounding them. What colour would yours be? Would it have patterns?

What if you could be like an Ood (see Dr Who) and carry it around with you in your hand?  At parties you could compare hand souls and see if anyone matched yours. Dating would be a doddle. ‘Well look! Your soul has the same blue streaks and red dots as mine, maybe we should go out?’

I am a particular soul, and don’t often meet souls that match mine, but I am lucky enough to have met a few. I especially like those trimmed with Gold. And souls that are constantly changing and moving.

Being alone with my soul is my favourite. It’s when I learn more about it, and how to love it. From now on I am going to imagine I am an Ood, hold it in my hand and look into the depths of it.  Cause I’m pretty sure that only there will you find what you are truly looking for, and you can see what beautiful colours you are.


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